Nursing Home Communities

Let us help you and provide care for your residents. If you are interested in partnering with us to provide convenient, quality dental services for your residents, please contact us today.

Residents & Family Members

Dental care at no additional cost for Medicaid recipients.

The Senior Dental Care insurance program is available to most Medicaid recipients at no additional cost. Enrolling in the program reduces what you pay to the nursing home by the amount of the monthly premium. You would then pay the premium to receive dental care at no additional cost. This is a great benefit for Medicaid recipients using their Social Security income.

Whether Medicaid or Private Pay, enrollment is easy.

If you are a Medicaid recipient and the nursing home automatically receives your Social Security funds, simply enroll, and we will work with the business office to handle the payment of your premiums. If you elect to purchase affordable dental insurance on a private-pay basis, or you want to pay for services as needed, a Senior Dental Care representative will work with you to make the process easy.

Affordable Dental Plans With No Co-Pays Or Deductibles.

The Resident Plans provide comprehensive, expanded coverage even if you currently have a limited dental plan. Choose the plan that makes the most sense for you. If you are Medicaid resident and don’t have income, please click here and someone will contact you about our special program and service options.

Why is it important?

Effective oral care leads to better overall health and quality of life.

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